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Real World Efficiency:  Financing Solutions in Action

Find out how Energy Efficiency financing works in the real world. Joule Assets has partnered with companies such as NorthWrite to enhance savings, close more deals and deliver their energy saving solutions.

Dennis Quinn, COO of Joule Assets, and Patrick O'Neill, founder and CEO of NorthWrite, will co-host a webinar detailing the latest in energy efficiency financing for the SME sector during our upcoming webinar, Real World Efficiency: Financing Solutions in Action on Thursday, November 13th at 2:00pm EDT.

The webinar will be held on Thursday, November 13th at 2:00pm EDT. 
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Peak Load Management Alliance  - End-User Perspective on Demand Response Challenges
Session Co-Chairs: Ray Pustinger, AESC with Dennis Quinn, Joule Assets

Nationally-focused retail electricity customer roundtable on issues related to program participation from the industrial owner-occupied, small commercial, and commercial real estate perspectives.

- Richard Gorze, Eaton Corporation
- Courtney Yan, U.S .Green Building Council
- Patrick O'Neill, Northwrite, Inc.

Case Study
Albany Molecular Research
A 72,000 Sq. Ft. office/pharmaceutical research laboratory building in Albany, NY, participated in the NorthWrite program and achieved over 15% sustained energy savings through implementation of recommended low and no-cost Energy Conservation Measures
White Papers
Comparison Energy Expert Modeling vs. Linear Regression Analysis  NorthWrite Energy Modeling introduction.  This paper describes NorthWrite’s approaches to energy modeling, including but not limited to linear regression.
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