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SnapShot is an energy audit tool used to quickly gather data for quality assurance, LEED certification, or equipment level inspections.    
  • SnapShot is a do-it-yourself, business energy audit and questionnaire application that addresses the full range of energy systems found in small to large commercial facility.
  • The SnapShot questionnaire allows user to complete an audit quickly.  It uses drop down menus, default setting, pre-configured question and answer screens, and help icons along the way.
  • The SnapShot questionnaire can also be printed and completed offline.
  • Once the questionnaire is complete, data is automatically sent and shared via your Energy WorkSite.
Features and Benefits
  • Enter facility audit data with any web enabled device.
  • Point and Click drop down menus.
  • Simple, easy to understand user interface.
  • Automatic updates,  Software as a Service.
  • Scalable from small to large commercial buildings.
  • No limit to the amount of data you can capture.
  • Reporting of audit data immediate.
This is an administrative page where results of the questionnaire that you are working with can be viewed.  In this scenario, SnapShot was used to gather information for a national chain of banks.  The company wanted to meet LEED certifications milestones.  
This is an administrative page where questions are created.  Simple drop down forms or text fields are used to create your SnapShot questionnaire.
Executive Summary

Snapshot is a versatile mobile software applications that is used to gather facility information. 

Shapshot supports any device with a standard web browser. This includes PDAs, mobile phones, tablets, netbooks, laptops and desktops.

Pre-configured questions and answer screens are provided to the user as they do an audit or inspection. The information is then uploaded automatically and available inside the WorkSite.
Customer Comments
"Being an early adopter of SnapShot, Northwrite engineers listened to my ideas and incorporated them into the product.  I used SnapShot on a weekly basis for many importants inspection tasks."

Mike Hofer
Marsden Holding Co.
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