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Energy Savings Measures (ESM) provide tracking of all key activities and results for your energy savings initiatives.  Energy Savings Measures capture details relative to savings, cost, and saving measure persistence.   
Quickly identify sites that are not executing their energy savings tasks which could result in poor energy saving performance.  Create energy program momentum by sharing this data throughout the organization, bringing accountability for everyone with demand management reporting,
Features and Benefits
  • Energy Savings Measures (ESM) checklist for the onsite audit team by displaying all open energy tasks by individual, site, or multiple buildings.
  • Create recurring ESMs to drive energy sustainability

  • Advanced analysis features multiple selection options including data type, facility type, regions, groups, time periods.

  • Summary of all program locations for each selection option.

  • Evaluate your program throughout lifecycle by comparing actual savings versus projected savings. 

  • Brings accountability to each site by comparing % of measures completed combined with % of projected savings attained. 

Screenshots - Energy Savings Measures
ESM Site Summary
Executive Summary

Energy Savings Measures (ESM)
nsures your energy savings program meets its objectives by tracking all key activities/results over the program life-cycle.

ESM integrates projected savings with Actual Savings for the entire program with the Energy Savings Measures (ESMs) completed.

You will be always up-to-date with the most recent ESMs and energy billing data instantaneously available inside your Energy Worksite.
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