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ECAM+ is a Microsoft Excel-based tool that facilitates the examination of energy information from buildings, and ultimately reduces the time spent analyzing utility meter data and system operational data. Starting from simple time-series data, ECAM+ automates awide array of charting and analysis functionality.     

Webinar Presenter: Bill Koran, P.E., Director of Energy Analytics, Northwrite, Inc.

Hosted by Onset and presented by Bill Koran, this webinar will show how the free Energy Charting and Metrics (ECAM+) tool can help you understand energy consumption patterns and trends in buildings. You will learn how ECAM+ can help you interpret data from energy meters and BMS points, furthering your ability to identify underlying causes of inefficiencies and pinpoint potential solutions.

Future webinars covering the use of ECAM+, and specific analysis topics, are coming soon. These webinars will be eligible for Continuing Education Credits.


ECAM+ (Energy Charting and Metrics) Tool is an add-on for Microsoft Excel which was developed to facilitate analysis of data from building (energy and other data). The tool makes extensive use of Excel pivot tables. Some key features of ECAM+ include: creation of charts to help re-tuning, creation of schedules and day-type information to time series data; filtering data from months, years, days, day-type, day of week, day of month, occupancy, temperature binned weather data, pre/post comparisons after retrofits or retro-commissioning; normalizing data and creating metrics based on consumption or equipment; and the creation of various load profiles or scatter charts for data selected by the user.

ECAM+ is public domain software that you can download and use at no cost.   Simply register with NorthWrite and we will provide access to the software, user guides, and data import specifications.    In addition, NorthWrite offers training and advanced energy analytic services direct from Bill Koran, the original author of the software.

ECAM+, the newest version of ECAM, adds Measurement and Verification capabilities. The M&V features include:
  • Baseline and post models (using linear and change-point linear models), savings estimation, and annual extrapolations of the baseline model, post model, and savings to an annual basis using TMY3 weather data.

  • A new chart, Load Profile by day-of-week, is included.  Other new features necessary for the M&V are ad-hoc daytyping, plus hourtyping based on an input schedule, and the combining of hourtype and or daytype models into a general model. 

  • ECAM+ even includes charts for analysis of model residuals. 

The M&V capabilities are based on ASHRAE Guideline 14, Measurement and Verification of Energy and Demand Savings.  These M&V capabilities are generally IPMVP-adherent as well, although the feature in ECAM+ to extrapolate data to an annual basis is not.

The Bonneville Power Administration and Pacific Northwest National Laboratory are among the users of ECAM+.

Features and Benefits

  • Pre-processing of data to attach schedule and day-type information to time-series data

  • Filtering data by day-type, occupancy schedule, binned weather data, month/year, pre/post, etc.

  • Normalization of data based on user-entered information

  • Creation of standard charts for the points selected by the user

  • Calculation of normalized metrics for the points selected by the user

  • Creation of standard building re-tuning charts using trend data from the BAS

 Scatter Chart Load
Box Plot
Load Profile
3D Load Profile
Bill Koran P.E.
Director of Energy Analytics
Bill Koran

ECAM+ was conceived and developed by Bill Koran, NorthWrite Director of Energy Analytics, with partial funding by Bonneville Power Administration (BPA), Northwest Energy Efficiency Alliance, Pacific Northwest National Laboratory, Regional Technical Forum, the California Commissioning Collaborative, and New Buildings Institute.



Designed for Building Owners, Energy Managers, Energy Consultants, Facility Managers, Energy Efficiency Program Managers, and those who are invested in bringing about positive change to a building's operations for real, quantitative, reportable savings.


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