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NorthWrite designs, builds and integrates control systems with a focus on cost effectiveness, flexibility and reliability.  Our staff of Automation Engineers and Technicians has extensive experience in tailoring solutions to meet the exacting needs of our customers.

There are many things to consider when designing a safe, reliable control system.  The experienced team at NorthWrite is capable of designing and building your control system from our UL508A certified facility.

Control Systems Include:

  • Motor starter, heater and pump panels.
  • HMI, pendant and control stations.
  • MCC, soft-start, VFD, PLC and other types of industrial control panels.

Construction Standards:

  • UL 508 certification.
  • Built to NFPA and NEG standards.

Design and Layout

  • Custom built to customer requirements.
  • Engineering design and layout services available.

Quality Assurance

  • Full inspection check-off.
  • Functional testing as required.
    • Wire pull tests.
    • Continuity testing.
    • Comformance to prints and bill of materials.
  • Functional testing as required.
  • PLC I/O function testing.
  • Certification and conformance documentation.

Executive Statement

A good automation partner will take time to listen to your needs and will be able to advise you professionally.

Our experienced staff can help evaluate your product for automation, identify each step in the production process, evaluate incoming and outgoing materials, and outline logistics.   How simple can you get !

To get started contact:
Brandon Cobb
Sales/Production Manager
NorthWrite Automation
Phone: 503-625-6626
Mobile: 503-210-0781

Automation Overview
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